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Learn Linux

Immediate access.

60 Day Money back guarantee.

Only $64 for online membership


  • Learn to build Linux servers

  • Understand the most common commands

  • How do you encrypt the hard drive to protect from hackers and thieves?  We show you.

  • Make yourself  valuable to your employer.


We will help you improve your work skills and grow your knowledge so you can manage and maintain ANY Linux distribution

including the most popular ones.

Linux Engineers can earn $$$ more than Windows Engineers.

Consider what Linux Skills could do to improve your future and your job prospects.


A Fast Way to Increase your Skills in Linux”

Whether you want to know a little or want to know a lot these resources are what you need.

So, why would you want to know and understand Linux?


Here’s some more reasons.

  • Job Security – Being more valuable at work is always a great idea.
  • There are more Windows Engineers than Linux Engineers.
  • Linux Engineers get paid more.
  • Impress your friends and family members, most people mistakenly believe Linux is hard.

Our team of experts have put together an awesome membership site with tools that will quickly bring you into the world of Linux. We will help you to take whatever you know and show you how to apply it in real world situations.

Take Your Windows Experience & Use It To Learn Linux

Do you know Windows?  Its well known that Linux engineers are in demand and can earn big money. When you add Windows Server Skills into the mix that makes for a big plus with any employer.

If you don’t know much about Windows that’s no problem.  With what we have put together the skills can be applied by anyone with even a small amount of computer experience.

You don’t have to be a Windows Engineer to learn Linux although we do show you how the things you do in Windows can be done in Linux.

We discuss how to take your existing Windows Server experience and directly relate it to the tasks that need to be done in Linux.

We discuss how to use Linux as a windows server.. without the license fees. Many things you have to pay $$$ for in the Windows world can be installed for FREE in Linux.



  • Increase your Value to your Existing or a New Employer
  • On Average Linux Engineers Earn more than Windows Engineers
  • Differentiate yourself by Having Linux AND Windows Skills
  • Linux skills last longer than Windows skills. A lot of the commands are exactly the same year after year so you don’t need to re-skill as often as with windows.


To get a sample of the video’s jump over to the FAQ section.


We show you what you need”

You will have access to so much information about Linux.


You will receive many hours of videos showing you how to do the most common tasks. You will also see videos that show you how to do things that aren’t common but will make Linux administration much easier.  We supply cheat sheets and explain common tasks to make it easier for you.

We show you how Red Hat Enterprise 6 (which is the most recent version) is installed and we show you how Centos 6 is installed and compare the 2 operating systems to show you how similar they are.

We show you when you should use the Command line interface and when you shouldn’t. We also show you how to run Linux programs on your Windows PC remotely so they run on the Linux server but display on your windows PC.  All with software that’s FREE!

As part of the training we show you how to access a Linux server via an encrypted connection which is how most of the Linux servers you would work with are accessed.

Since most business’s don’t use the awesome graphical interface available in Linux, we also focus on how to do the most common tasks using the command line and explain why you NEED to be comfortable with it or risk being ridiculed by more experienced engineers.  We help you show some street cred.

What Shouldn’t you use Linux for?

There are things you can do easier and better in windows and while you can do these in Linux you might not want to.  Join up and find out more!


Apart from the training video’s you will also have access to  the following

  • Download Linux Command line Cheat Sheet – the most common commands and how to use them.
  • Download a Cheat Sheet for the most common editor in Unix & Linux – knowing these commands give you street cred.
  • Linux Centos 6  – We show you how to get this for free.
  • Linux Centos 6 LIVE DVD – Use this disk with out having to install anything on your computer, just put it in and turn it on – We show you how to get this for free.


Learn how to reuse old hardware or computers that aren’t being used. We show you how to LEGALLY get the disks that will allow you to run Linux WITHOUT installing it so you can try it first.  Our video training shows you the most common tasks and step through complex tasks in a simple manner.


Business’s use Red Hat Enterprise & Centos more than any other so this is the distribution we use in the videos.  Rest assured though the skills you learn can be used on any of the Linux Distributions.


The training videos use the latest Linux so your knowledge will be up to date.  When new versions are released we ensure the training video’s are kept current.  We keep adding new video’s to the site and update entries on a regular basis.





Note: ClickBank is our payment processor and we do not keep CC or personal details in our systems.

Thank you.


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